Complexities of PET imports, rPET & trendy PET packaging designs top focus at 2nd NAPET Conference in California


2nd NAPET (North America PET Resin Trade, Recycling & Packaging) conference will be held in Napa Valley, California, on 2-4 November, 2015, with an agenda focused on PET imports into the US and its implications on pricing, increase in PET recycling rates as well as emergence of new packaging designs for beverages in the US – especially wines and liquors.

2nd NAPET opens with a discussion on the latest innovative PET packaging designs for wines and liquors that will include two sessions – ‘Quality Wine in a Convenient PET Package – Zip, Snap & Sip’ by Matt Zimmer, CEO, Stacked Wines – that pioneered stacked wines in the US and ‘Wine & Spirits a lighter form of luxury’ by Rui Peneda, Managing Director, GEPACK.

As investigation on impact of PET imports from China, Oman, India and Canada on US PET market looms large, a timely session – ‘International Trade Commission Investigation/ Determination for Imports to USA & Impact on North America PET Pricing’ will be presented by Dale Behm, Managing Director of Pacific Rim Traders.

A Panel Discussion on US PET recycling trends, led by key authorities from the RPET value chain in the US, will explore the Challenges & Opportunities in rPET recycling in the US – How to bring a significant change and improve recycling rates? Among the panelists are – leading converter Amcor Rigid Plastics’ Charlie Schwarze, Global Sustainability Manager and Alexander Delnik, President, Verdeco Recycling – the major recycler and rPET processor in US. Also joining the panel discussion is Jim Hill, Recycling Specialist of CalRecycle addressing ‘California plastics bottle bill’ and Ronnie Little, Specialty Plastics Market Development Manager, Eastman Chemical – a major resin producer talking about challenges of full-wrap shrink labels. Moderated by John Standish, Technical Director of The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, the discussion will also have a panelist from Niagara Bottling.

To complement the presentation on ‘Boretech Stockton PET recycling facility’ by Paul Ou, Sales Manager, Boretech Resources Recovering Engineering, an optional pre-conference site visit to Boretech PET recycling plant in Stockton is added to the agenda.

Other key sessions include:

  •          Global PET Markets Outlook – David Swift, Managing Director, PCI (PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling)
  •          PET import resin management, logistics challenges & how we overcame it – Timothy Bransford, Owner, Matrix Transportation
  •          Value adding our supply chain – from bales to pellets – Lori Carson, Director Commercial Operations, Phoenix Technologies International
  •          Brandowner perspective: Green 2o Natural Alkaline Spring Water – Frank DiTucci, Founder/CEO, Green 2o Water
  •          PET- Upcycling, using the LSP-Process (Liquid State Polycondensation) – featuring rapid IV increase and high decontamination performance – Warren Kim, Sales Manager, Next Generation Recycling Machines
  •          Low cost production of bio-based Paraxylene from non-food biomass – Dr. David Sudolsky, Founder, President & CEO, Anellotech
  •          PET recycling – highly efficient direct extrusion to sheet – Ing. Christoph Woess, Business Development Manager, Application Bottle, EREMA
  •          Marketing recycled PET to consumers – JT Marburger, President, Renew Merchandise
  •          Learning from Mexico – the world’s largest foodgrade PET recycling plant – Ing. Jaime Camara Creixell, CEO, PetStar
  •          Innovative technology to recycle multi-layer laminated flexible PET packaging films – Kathy Xuan, President, PARC Corporation

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