Complement your Flexo Press with easy to implement digital solution

‘Short run’ and ‘on-demand’ have been buzz words in commercial graphic printing for years and now the benefits are being explored and implemented by the corrugated packaging community.  However, as a converter printing with flexography, it can be a challenge to find the right digital printer to meet your needs and enter this market, at a reasonable price.

Ecommerce growth and market demand
E-commerce is on the rise and provides exciting new business opportunities for box printers.  Due to set up cost and minimum quantities, personalized boxes were not always a viable solution for small web shops.  One and two-color logos were the standard in package printing for many years.  But customers would like to see their logs rendered in the original design, not pushed down into one or two colors.  Now sheet plants can address this growing market with full color, smaller and personalized runs.  These are frequently sold at a much higher margin and have the advantage of frequent repeat orders.

Step into the on-demand box market
The question is not if one should enter the digital market but how.  There are many high-end solutions for a company who is ready to make a capital investment of 1-5 million euro, but for a sheet plant ready to explore the possibilities this can represent an unrealistic investment.

The Xante Excelagrahix 4800, powered by Memjet, is the solution for this problem.  With its small footprint, low investment cost and complete software package, converters can quickly and with a low capital investment become a player in this new market.

Excelagrphix 4800-On-Demand Print for Corrugated Boxes and Sheets

High resolution and speed
The Excelagraphix 4800 is a complete, turnkey solution which enables operators to step into digital print with all the tools required to start production.  There is no special power requirements, no dryer and no air-filtration needed.  Due to the patented ‘waterfall technology’ developed by memjet, the print heads are fixed as the media is transported at high speed, at one pass, without making any concessions to quality.  The ultra-fast ink jet printer images at a speed of 30 cm per second at 1600×800 dpi and 15 cm per second at 1600×160 dpi.  Corrugated board presents an excellent complement to the aqueous ink to provide full color images which are represented exactly as the designer intended.  The on-board iQueue workflow is the most intuitive and complete package for corrugated digital print.  It includes easy to use options for layout, job pricing, Pantone® matching as well as a full variable data suite complete with text, numbering, images, QR codes and barcodes.   The iQueue workflow allows customers new to digital print the ability to quickly and easily incorporate the benefits of managing job changes and personalization on the fly.

Customer Story – Packaging , Fulfillment and Warehousing Business benefits from on-demand box printing with Excelagraphix4800

Make your Flexopress more efficient
The mix of Flexography and digital can be a compelling combination for converters who want to offer their customers the best of both worlds.  With Excelagraphix 4800, you can produce prototypes within minutes, short runs in-house and use your flexo press to its full advantage.

For more information on how Excelagraphix 4800 can enhance your corrugated box business, contact Xante: