Comexi Group awarded the EMAS prize for its sustainable offset printing technology

Manel Xifra (middle), president of Comexi Group, receiving the award
Manel Xifra (middle), president of Comexi Group, receiving the award

Comexi Group has received the EMAS prize for ‘Effective eco-innovations supporting improvements in environmental performance’ within the category of large companies.

The European Commission, in charge of granting the prize, awarded the company, which specialises in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, for its Comexi Offset sustainable printing technology among the six candidates in this category.

Manel Xifra, president of the company, collected the award during the course of the XVIII European Forum on Eco-innovation that took place last week in Barcelona.

“We are thrilled to receive this award. It is a great recognition for the company’s crucial commitment to incorporate innovation to our objectives in order to transform the flexible packaging sector in a sustainable industry,” said Xifra.

The Comexi Offset solution is an example of reducing the environmental impact of industrial activity and to emphasise continuous improvement throughout the production process.

The Comexi OFFSET CI8 is a variable format press with central impression drum, specially designed for printing on elastic materials, a solution that responds to the main challenges that faces the flexible packaging printing sector.

Following its launch in 2012, Comexi Group is commissioning the first units in Spain, Austria, Middle East, France, Poland and China. References that Comexi Group plan to increase in a significant way from 2016 onwards due to the high interest of the sector in this innovative sustainable technology.

EMAS is a voluntary tool that enables organisations to take on full responsibility for environment issues, improve their environmental behaviour and set an example with their public environmental statement (impacts, goals and indicators, etc.) which is available for all interested parties. Only 22 companies in the Catalonia region of Spain received this certificate between 2013 and 2014.