Comexi Cloud: The useful tool

The jobs carried out by printing presses in the flexible packaging sector are becoming more demanding due to the requirements of the new products and formats that are continuously appearing for the different profiles of consumers and niches. This reality means that printers and converters have had to settle in a state of continuous improvement, permanently optimizing their resources and processes. In the same way, new technologies are changing relationships and personal communications; this digital concept of analysis of online information and agile decision-making is landing in the industrial world to remain permanently.

That is why, at Comexi, they are convinced that being aware and keeping up to date with everything that happens in printing and converting processes is crucial. Moreover, any function that is developed within the framework of Industry 4.0 has to be focused on the contribution of real value to customers.

Optimize production processes, increase efficiency

Specifically, Industry 4.0 has been showed to be an opportunity to optimize production processes and therefore, Comexi propelled Comexi Cloud, a tool that collects automatically and without any extra equipment all data generated by machines. Comexi equipment can generate relevant and valuable production management data in real time. This goes from production speeds, output, productivity, set-up times, number of reels o downtime for preventive maintenance and repairs.

Nevertheless, having a lot of data is not a value guarantee. This data must be prepared, analysed and reliable represented in a simple, intuitive and direct dashboard that responds to all clients’ needs. That is why, in Comexi Cloud all information is summarized in intuitive graphs, besides visualizing it in an agile and direct way and can be analysed in detail and independently in the various screens and visualizations that this tool allows. This innovative software permits analysing, by means of indicators, each of the jobs, or in individual or in aggregate form. In this way the system provides the ability to study and improve concrete productive periods in the fastest and easiest way.

This new system provides the convertor insights in how to optimize its production efficiency and even goes beyond that, analysing job costing based on production time, film, ink or energy consumption. Comexi Cloud is based on an open Amazon IT-platform, which enables complete plant management information and control. A part from that, Comexi Service Business Units ad technical experts are developing this system to Extended Reality (ER) in order to provide other kind of services, for example better remotely technical on-site support.

It is a considerable digital transformation, and as with all the transformations carried out, it is also necessary that is accompanied by a cultural change, a change that citizens have already made in their personal and professional day to day basis, for example using online banking, email, social networks or with the connectivity that mobile phones allow us.


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