Comexi cloud change the way converters manage the laminating processes

The digital revolution has changed the entire world and now is shaking our industry as well. Comexi lamination offers the perfect tool for converters to make the most of the amazing opportunities that the new digital era brings to the converting sector: Comexi Cloud.

From now on our customers will keep one step ahead of their competition. This tool will change entirely the way converters manage the laminating processes. But, what exactly is the Comexi Cloud for lamination and why is it so revolutionary? The answer is short and simple: it is the best way to own your data.

In today’s ultra-competitive industry environment, the control and optimization of every single step of the value chain is crucial. Decisions can no longer be based just on intuition or expertise; today in professional organizations, data is the main driver to take rational and objective conclusions in the decision-making process. This is the second golden age for professor Edwards Deming, who became famous in the eighties and nineties for its model of continual improvement of processes and products and now is back on top of the wave for his sentence “in God we trust, all the rest must bring data”. And Comexi Cloud is much more than bringing data, it is the most comprehensive online platform in the market to visualize, compile, analyse and store lamination data. A holistic approach for the whole lamination processes that will enhance a new era of continuous improvement all along the value chain.

One of the our beta customers told us “I didn’t realize I was blind till I started getting the first automatic laminating reports from the Comexi Cloud”. Sure enough, this has been a totally customer-centric project with the clear focus on making it simple, useful, easy to work with and delivering real value to the converters. It has been a huge developing job in an extremely multidisciplinary team of IT engineers, laminator operators, plant managers and converting MD.

The result is a comprehensive virtual platform, accessible from anywhere, delivering to everyone the right information to asses and improve their job, becoming the perfect combination of machine, user and virtual platform.

It works with customer folders and job files, where each job has stored all machine parameters: material, thickness, width, temperature, running speed, acceleration, pressure, and all other working parameters. Any change or variation from the set point will be stored and reported. All the ancillary equipment is completely integrated, so corona treatment, grammage sensor, mixing dose or temperature of the calendars are recorded at all times and can be visualized from the main machine screen, from the plant manager laptop or even a smartphone miles away. Information will be stored for each customer, job, reel and meter, and it will be accessible from anywhere, and on any device. This is total traceability in the industry 4.0. And this is a completely new way of improving quality control, error avoidance, production optimization, plant management, prevision of job load and an endless list of on-line possibilities.

Comexi laminator operators will be able to specify all machine stops, making it possible to identify the meters of waste, set-up time, changeover time, among others. This will allow you to automatically categorize the inefficiencies and generate key performance indicators like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This is a revolution. This is owning your data. A continuous assessment of your machine utilization by jobs, operators, customers, kind of adhesive supplier and many other parameters. Benchmarking has never been easier and faster, altogether enhancing productivity and making for a continuous optimization of the laminating process.

Working in the cloud is the best way to access all the services 24/7 wherever you are. The main global companies’ like Amazon, Google or IBM are nowadays offering their traditional equipment and services as web services in the cloud. In the words of the Comexi Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Mr. Jordi Sahun, this means that “The business model has completely migrated. The main difference of opting for a cloud service instead of local servers is to focus on the direct value offered by the service, without worrying about migrations, maintenance, contingency or security plans, or unexpected costs due to breakdowns. As has been seen in the last MWC ’18 held in Barcelona, the implantation of the new 5G telephone networks will allow up to 2 Gb / sec speed and very low latencies, which will allow us to interact in real time with any device, promoting a new acceleration in the transfer of local services to new Cloud services”.

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Imagination is literally the only one limiting factor as we turn converting companies into digital enterprises. All Comexi services will be included in the digital platform: spare parts ordering, job costing, updated technical information and 24/7 remote assistance. Automatic reports will be generated with KPI and predictive work load and production capacity availability will improve the agile data-based decision-making.

The digital revolution has landed in the laminating sector with Comexi Cloud. Join your digital partners in lamination, join Comexi lamination.