Colombier UK Ltd makes substantial investment in new Coiler/Rewinder

Colombier UK Ltd, for many years a traditional paper supplier/conversion service provider to the graphic paper industry, is installing a new production line at its Sittingbourne facility to further strengthen its position within the packaging and paper conversion market.

Managing Director Kevin Dyer announced, “Having realised an opportunity for narrow width coils in specialist packaging grades, Colombier have made a substantial investment by purchasing a new coiler/rewinder in order to expand our processing capabilities and complement our existing large format rewinder, sheet cutter, and mobile web divider/resizing machines.”

Colombier UK Ltd commissioned UK manufacturer Alpha Converting to design and build their new ALPHADRUM two drum coiler/rewinder.

“Having initially selected Alpha because of the quality of their machinery and their reputation in the industry, we have been impressed with their strong technical understanding and the advice given in specifying the machine. The new machine is of robust construction and we are confident that the extra capacity and efficiency of the ALPHADRUM will enable Colombier to offer an improved reel conversion service to our customers for many years into the future.” Dyer stated.

The new ALPHADRUM will consist of 20x fully automatic slitter knives, able to cut to a minimum web width of 50mm. Along with automatic twin bow spreader rolls, automatic brake tension system, and Eco brake power regeneration technology, Colombier state the new machine will enable them to produce multiple coils as efficiently as possible, at the exacting high standard their customers have come to rely on.

Colombier’s new coiler/rewinder will start production in April 2021, and they have already secured in excess of 4,000 tonnes of new narrow width business for the year with more opportunities within niche business areas being targeted.

A full machine specification on the new coiler/rewinder can be obtained from Assistant Managing Director Ryan Langworthy –

Colombier Group

The Colombier Group is a family-owned forest industry trading company and service provider with processing operations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Belgium, and Romania.

The roots of the company date back to 1892 and the Finnish forest industry.

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