CNC machine manufacturer fights COVID-19 consequences

ANCA is a global manufacturer of CNC machines that produce high-quality precision cutting tools. In April 2020, the Australian company joined a consortium that aims to avoid bottlenecks in invasive respiratory devices.

In addition to manufacturing components for ventilators, ANCA will continue to provide production and service to global customers.

The situation is critical: overall demand for ventilators is likely to run into the tens of thousands and the established manufacturers will not be able to meet this boom in demand in a timely manner. The CEO of the ANCA Group, Chris Hegarty, therefore describes the situation as a “global emergency”.

To ensure that there is no shortage of ventilators in Australia, ANCA joined an Australian consortium for the manufacture of invasive ventilators: “We are very excited about the prospect of being involved in a local project and contributing by manufacturing components and sub-assemblies for ventilators to meet urgent medical needs,” said Pat Boland, co-founder and CEO of ANCA.

The consortium is leveraging various industrial capabilities through collaboration with other Australian manufacturing companies to rapidly manufacture additional ventilator components and subassemblies. ANCA can provide the necessary support because although the company is global, much of its manufacturing capacity is located in Australia. The company also has the experience and facilities to manufacture parts to micron precision.

ANCA began manufacturing the life-saving components with dedicated machinists who volunteered to work at weekends and during the Easter holidays. “We jumped in and started production in an extremely tight timeframe; it’s a team effort from the entire company,” explains Mark Patman, head of production operations. A cross-functional team that includes manufacturing, supply chain, project management, warehouse logistics and security will ensure the rapid production of the components is sustainable.

For Hegarty, ANCA’s commitment against COVID-19 is “a really great opportunity for us as an organisation to give something back to the community.