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For nearly 40 years years, CM Machinery has offered a design and manufacture service for production equipment to the manufacturers of web, sheet and board products.

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of automatic cutting and winding machinery for continuous production products, such as extruded plastic sheet and film, rigid foam and mineral wool insulation, structural metal sandwich panels, paper, nonwovens, vinyl flooring, conveyor belting, medical pouches and dressings and as other more specialised products.

CM Machinery offers the complete machine supply service from initial assessment of the application, through the design and manufacture of the machinery and onto site commissioning and after sales support.  We have the capability to design and manufacture, to address specific customer applications and over the years have developed a highly tuned ability for assessing their customer’s requirements and providing cost effective solutions in the form of operator friendly and reliable production machinery.

We look forward to helping you.

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[thcol]Converting Machine for Wound Dressings[/thcol]
[tcol]image1Multiple layer converting and laminating machine to manufacture a surgical wound dressing and also has an in-line sealed pouching/packaging process.

CM Machinery also designs and manufactures similar machines to accept the use of hydrocolloids and gel substances in similar production processes.[/tcol]

Ostomy Bag Manufacturing Machine

image2The machine feeds from input rolls of lightweight film. From these it indexes the main substrate webs along the length of the machine, with tight positional accuracy to form a double layer pouch. Servo controlled positioning actuators are used to place and fix a variety of attachments and heat seal peripheral welding and die cutting are used to complete the pouch. The machine produces a wide range of pouch sizes. Short set up times, fast cycling and versatility were prime criteria for the customer within the initial machine specification.  A laminating/converting machine for the production of hydrocolloid wafers. This machine also employs servo control for accurate registration of a series of rotary die cutting and transfer stations. Starting from a single layer base substrate, the machine builds up multi-layer finished products. A diverse range of technologies is employed within the machine, such as extrusion/ calendaring of hydrocolloid to form a continuous strip. This is subsequently die cut and the skeletal matrix is fed back into the extruder stream for continuous recycling. Also contained within the machine are the facilities for in line printing and flying axis heat sealing. Again versatility and minimising waste were the prime criteria for the customer in the initial specification.

Gearless Converting Machine

image3CM Machinery, manufacturers of bespoke web and board handling equipment have developed a gearless converting machine for printed-paper.

The machine was designed and built with a specific customer and end product in mind.

The equipment provides the facility to cross-perforate, slit, die cut, sheet, and fan fold web products in register with a printed mark or image.  The cross perforation technology employed is a further development used in the company’s Polyethylene Stretch Sleeve Manufacturing Machine.  This uses a rotary action perforating cylinder, controlled by servo motor to place cross perforations in register with a printed web.

The machine design allows flexibility and speed of set up for high efficiency in short batch runs, and is unrivalled in production speed for short cross perforated product.  This machine can run up to 200 metres/minimum with product lengths from 50 – 750mm.

Other features of the machine include interchangeable sheeting and fan folding modules, which allow the pre-perforated product to be cut to length and stacked, or folded to output stacks, depending on the final product requirements.  CM Machinery is confident this technology can be adapted to cover further web product applications.

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