Clondalkin launches unique coding on shrink sleeves

ClondalkinClondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury, UK (formerly Chadwicks of Bury) has launched a shrink sleeve incorporating a unique code. Using an innovative printing technique the code is printed on the inner surface of the shrink sleeve and only revealed when the sleeve is peeled back.

This unique coding solution is ideal for running product competitions and already used very successfully on its pre-cut lids. Each shrink sleeve features its own individual code which can be made up of a series of numbers and characters depending on the customer’s requirements.

“Following the success we’ve had with unique coding on our pre-cut lids we decided to turn our attention to shrink sleeves and see how we could apply the same technique,” says sales and marketing director Martin Hardman.  “We’re very pleased with this latest innovation as it will provide customers with added value for very little extra cost. Customers are always looking for new ways to market their products and differentiate them from the competition and this new technology will enable them to do so. We have clients that are interested in using unique coding for traceability and counterfeiting purposes.”

Shrink sleeves offer a sophisticated labelling solution and maximum shelf appeal with a 360 degree print area. Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury is a key supplier of flexible packaging solutions in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.  The company is a pioneer and continues to innovate, leading competitors in the production of shrink sleeve products. The company is one of 11 production facilities operating throughout Europe and North America under Clondalkin Group’s Flexible Packaging Division.