Change of management at IST East Asia

Yasushi Katsuta, new representative director, IST East Asia, Japan.

With effect from the second quarter of this year, Markus Thinnes will resign as representative director at IST East Asia. His position will be taken over by Yasushi Katsuta who is currently responsible for the sales and service of ITL and IST in Japan.

IST East Asia was founded in 2014, and the Japanese subsidiary of the British company, Integration Technology, has been operating since 2002 with Yasushi Katsuta at the helm. For both IST and ITL, Japan is an increasingly important market. For strategic reasons, the METZ company Group has now decided to form as one joint organisation on-site.

During the change in management, IST East Asia has moved to the former premises of Integration Technology. The office in the city of Fuchu is still located in the Tokyo metropolitan area.