Centralised Matrix and Edge Trim Extraction Systems Reduce Waste and Increase Machine Efficiency

When relocating to new premises in Manchester, Ritrama, self-adhesive materials manufacturer, selected Impact as their project partner for installation of a centralised PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) trim waste extraction system. The system allowed for 8 slitting machines, each machine equipped with a dedicated trim cutter with either tool steel or tungsten carbide cutting blades, required for the tough PSA material.

Cut waste trim is extracted via a centralised ductwork and fan system, material is then deposited into a compactor and standby compactor. Filtered air is then returned to the production hall and an acoustic package was implemented in order to ensure low operating noise levels, both internally and externally.

The system provided an efficient and effective solution to ensure the adhesive materials manufacturer could continue its operations with minimal down time, elimination of basket collection and winding matrix waste, increased machine uptime and contribution to increase profits.

To ensure all operating benefits initially realised are maintained for the future, Ritrama signed up to an Impact Technical Services System Care Package, incorporating the trim cutter exchange facility, not only making an impact on waste handling issues today, but ensuring we continue to make an impact for many years to come.

Ian Fitzgerald, operations manager of Ritrama UK Ltd, commented on the system:

“When we were making plans for our new efficient production facility, we decided to partner with Impact Air Systems after discussing our requirements with several companies and viewing some installations. The cost and time spent managing our old partial automatic and manual basket system would not fit with our new requirements. Our old system had 2 compact skip exchanges per week versus our new automatic twin compactor system that now only requires 1 exchange every 2 weeks with a higher volume produced. The air filtration system not only separates the fine particulates, it also brings the extracted heat energy back into the workplace helping to balance the air whilst cleaning it at the same time. It has been an all-round good investment for Ritrama UK Ltd.”

Impact Air Systems are the UK market leaders for the supply of centralised matrix and edge trim extraction, working across a wide range of industries around the world.

The system can be fitted to any narrow web press up to 500mm wide and solves a previously impossible task of removing sticky matrix waste, eliminating the need to rewind the waste on press.

The system can be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as part of a complete centralised system.

The Impact matrix removal unit can be fitted on the non-operator side of the printing press. Each unit incorporates a precision trim cutter to cut the continuous matrix into small manageable pieces. The waste can be collected in a central location and removed from site without an issue.

When selecting a system, it is imperative to ensure that the integral part of the system, the trim cutter, is suitable for the material it is expected to cut.

The Impact range of trim cutters offers features such as a robust cutter design, genuine scissor cut, various cutter blade materials, durable D2 steel to extremely hard-wearing tungsten carbide, oil injection for PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) material, low energy consumption, reduction in waste volumes and effective cutting of thin materials 5-10µm.