Celloglas introduce new identity for Mirri at Retail Design Expo


This month saw an exciting development for Celloglas as they used the opportunity of the Retail Design Expo May 8-9, to re-introduce Mirri, a brand of Celloglas, to the retail market with a new visual identity and fresh approach.

A new corporate identity has been developed, focusing on domination in the luxury retail market. The stand displayed over 30 different substrates that showcase a variety of Mirri finishes on different materials. This highlighted versatility and showcased a range of metallic finishes that can be applied to most POS substrates.

Substrates on show included Micron Boxboard, Foam PCV, MDF, Foam-X, E Flute Corrugated, Dispa, Polycarbonate and more. Finishes such as Mirri Brushed Aluminium, Mirri H Copper, Mirri Silk Green, Mirri Stardust, Mirri Blanco Shimmer and Mirri Eco AG were displayed.

Celloglas wanted to highlight to the retail market how Mirri is advantageous in its tactile, as well as visual, appeal. This is due to research from The Retail Institute, which has revealed that touching the material of an object generates an emotional response, which is then used as information in a decision making process.

Brendan Emmerson, The Retail Institute’s sensory marketing expert suggests that pleasant tactile input is likely to evoke a pleasure response. Past research has found that touch can result in a customer’s investment in a product. This is due to an induced perception of ownership, causing the value of an object to be over estimated, which has been shown to influence purchase intent.

Mark Askham, Mirri’s business development manager, said: “We are looking forward to inspiring people about the varied uses of Mirri, and illustrating that Mirri is much more than ‘a silver paper’, something we hear so often as historically this is how the majority of clients have used it. We know it increases shelf appeal and provides powerful POS as we already work with leading high street stores and FMCG and luxury brands to help achieve this.”

He added: “I’m really excited that Mirri is to re-introduce itself as it reflects on its place in the market and its role in the print, packaging, POS industries and beyond. Mirri entices customers to view and experience the brands it works with in a way no other substrate can, by adding shine and sparkle to print, POS and packaging. We work with some of most prestigious brands in the world, offering them the opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers, and it’s time we shouted about this.”

As an example of the originality that can be achieved using Mirri, Celloglas commissioned fashion and textile designer Jule Waibel to produce pieces as a surprise at the Retail Design Expo, reflecting a creative use of the material.