Camis to launch new Flexo Print 4.0 wide web mounter at PRINT 4 ALL Hall 18 stand D08/E07

Following on from the successful launch of the Camis LabelMOUNTER Auto at Label Expo last year Camis S.r.l of Milan will unveil a new Mid to Wide Web Flexo Print 4.0 integrated Irisleeve HD at the Print 4 All exhibition in Milan from May 29th – June 1st at Hall 18 stand D08/E07.

The Camis Irisleeve HD 4.0 is a Total Work Flow Control sleeve mounting system that can be supplied in widths up to 1900mm wide.  Further refinement to the Esko HD certified Irisleeve platform has also seen a useful increase of the maximum printing repeat as well.

With a complete (not just plate mounting time) sleeve processing time of around 3 – 4 minutes the Irisleeve HD 4.0 TOTAL WORK FLOW provides total control, precise registration, perfectly applied tape and ultra-rapid cycle times.

The Camis Irisleeve HD 4.0 is an individual technology platform for Flexo Print 4.0 and can work with all types of plates & register marks.  Each individual job card will receive its own specific data matrix code which allows the machine to automatically identify the job, set itself and organize all the mounting tasks via the Irisleeve HD 4.0 job management system.  The code provides the Irisleeve HD 4.0 with all the information about the client, job number, press that will be used for the print run; the sleeves and tapes needed for the job, the colour assigned to the plates and of course the plates position in relation to the print sleeve.  Sleeve and plate mileage can also be tracked and controlled.

As well as the Irisleeve HD 4.0 machine Camis will also demonstrate the fully automatic LabelMOUNTER AutoThe LabelMOUNTER Auto automatically detects registration marks within a few seconds & automatically controls the image position of each plate relative to the plate’s mounting position, virtually eliminating any press start-up waste caused by mis-registration.  This easy-to-use system controls the position of the registration all the way around the repeat length not just at the centre dots, ensuring the highest possible registration accuracy.

Both the Irisleeve HD 4.0 and the LabelMOUNTER Auto assure the precision of the plate mounting process by automatically pre-setting the machine and recording the mounting via the job management system.   As a result, human based errors and incorrect plate mounting issues are eliminated thus increasing press efficiency whilst considerably reducing ROI to a few months.

During the show Camis will also demonstrate an updated version of the DMTS Plate demounting and Taper Slide “Tape application” system as well as hosting an open house for the full duration of the show and an agents meeting at their brand new world class manufacturing and demonstration facility, just a short drive from the Milan exhibition centre.


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