Cambrian Packaging marks 25 years of providing choice and quality service

A family-run supplier of plastic bottles and dispensers is celebrating 25 years of successful trading

Cambrian Packaging was established in 1993 and now supplies a variety of clients internationally, including big brands like Ronseal, Lush, Autosmart, Bob Martin, Carr Day & Martin, Greggs and Lakeland. The firm, based in Newtown, Wales, now employs 20 people and has a turnover of £6.4m.

The business has grown significantly since it was established by Chairman Martin Simpson, and is now run by his sons Mike and Dan.

Dan Simpson, sales director, says: “Originally Cambrian was supplying bottles for water coolers, but it soon became apparent that the packaging industry was the way forward. We started stocking basic bottles and caps, more recently developing a speciality in bottles and dispensers for spray products.”

During 2000, Cambrian entered the field of custom products, commissioning moulds with manufacturers for its own unique containers and has since invested significantly in tooling. Now the company owns nine ranges from 250ml up to 1 litre, all manufactured in Britain.

Cambrian secured national distributorships with major manufacturers such as Canyon Europe, Guala Dispensing and Flairosol™ by AFA.

Mr Simpson adds: “Over the last few months there’s been a real shift towards recycled products. Customers want products that support an environmentally conscious ethos. Meeting this requirement is a current company focus.

“We’ve also seen a drive towards all-plastic triggers, because the cheaper varieties contain a metal spring and are not 100 per cent recyclable.

“It’s clear that consumers carry much more concern about the environment these days and things have really taken off thanks to Sir David Attenborough and the BBC series Blue Planet. People care about where the plastic packaging they use ends up, and this means our customers care too.”

The company is now developing tooling for two new bottles, bringing investment to well over £100k.

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