Cambrian Packaging commissions innovative university research into 100 per cent recycled plastic

A family-run supplier of bottles and dispensers is leading the way for 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging by working with a university on innovative research

Granules of the POLYETHYLENE, chemical formula. Plastic pellets and scheme of the chemical structure .Colored Plastic Granules.

Cambrian Packaging, based in Newtown, Wales, has teamed up with Business Wales and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to commission the research into rHDPE (recycled high-density polyethylene) polymer at Bangor University.

The company received funding to support independent testing of two types of rHDPE for dynamic performance and chemical compatibility to a range of liquid contents. It is anticipated that the research will confirm earlier findings that the material matches virgin HDPE on drop testing and compression testing, meaning companies can reliably invest in 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging.

Neal Oakley, customer services manager at Cambrian Packaging, says: “We’ve already had an independent plastics lab establish that the physical properties of the material match those of virgin HDPE and there is no need to alter bottle weights.

“In the past, companies have been unsure of rHDPE matching up to the quality of virgin HDPE and have been put off by the light grey or off-white colour that 100% rHDPE assumes. Now there has been a huge shift to more environmentally-conscious thinking and we’re confident that customers will come to associate the colours with recycled products.

“We hope this fresh independent research proves what we already know and encourages more companies to invest in rHDPE bottles and dispensers, safe in the knowledge that they are getting a quality product.”

Cambrian Packaging was contacted by WRAP because it is one of the few companies which offers bottles made from 100 per cent recycled HDPE polymer. The range is marketed under the Ecycle title.

Mr Oakley adds: “We are having increasing enquiries from big brands looking for recycled packaging and we are one step ahead by already offering rHDPE at 100%. This research, when complete in September, will allow us to expand our range.”

Cambrian Packaging, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, was established in 1993 and now supplies a variety of clients internationally, including big brands like Ronseal, Lush, Autosmart, Bob Martin, Carr Day & Martin, Greggs and Lakeland.

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