Business Management Software for Label Printers

labeltraxx3dInformation and Automation is the main theme dominating the latest release from Label Traxx. Version 7.1 which debuted at Chicago’s Label Expo this year has created a surge of excitement around it, bringing the possibility of ‘being paper less in print’ an ever more achievable goal. Features for document storage and a link to AVTs quality Inspection System are among some of the key benefits in this user friendly MIS software. Communication between departments and colleagues in any company is vital and the printing industry is no exception.

With fast paced production and what can feel like a never ending list of changes and demands from your customers, Label Traxx has introduced a new easy way to store documentation and attach files directly to different records throughout key areas of the software. This new simple to use tool gives instant access to important information such as artwork, tender documentation, supplier pricing agreements or anything you want to make available at the click of a button.!

“This is going to save us so much time! Not having to search through folders, emails and filing cabinets to find something will be great, but the benefits to the business go much further when you consider the access to information between departments and the control it gives us on quality and service.” – Brendan Gosker from Label Tech Ltd, Ireland!

A new partnership with AVT (Advanced Vision Technology) brings an integration for Label Traxx customers to send artwork files to AVT’s quality inspection system. The press operator is able to select the product currently being printed and along with the artwork document and send this information to AVTs inspection system. When so many customers are introducing changes to the products through print design it is a demanding task for the pre-press department and production shop floor to keep up with artwork changes, but allowing the files to be sent directly from Label Traxx to AVT will go a long way to help reduce the risk of errors with so many version changes while also checking the quality of print. !

“Label Traxx has supplied Vale labels with a user friendly MIS which has helped us to provide a quality and consistent service to all our customers with ! complete confidence. V7.1 will only add value to an already comprehensive system giving businesses improved profitability.” – John Riches, Managing Director at Vale Labels Ltd, UK!

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