BST ProControl is now even more focused on its customers

Effective as of January 1, 2017, BST ProControl is now fully integrated into the business processes of BST eltromat International and will continue to operate as an incorporated, independent business unit at its current location in Wenden.

BST eltromat has thus taken the final step in merging the two companies and has further optimised its organisation and processes. The name ‘BST ProControl’ will be kept for the business unit. For customers, the company is aiming for continuity. They will profit from numerous benefits through the integration.

In 2013, BST eltromat founded BST ProControl as a 100 per cent subsidiary through the acquisition of two companies, Betacontrol and Protagon. BST eltromat has thus expanded its portfolio with measurement and quality assurance solutions for flat materials and has gained extensive practical know-how in these matters. Now, customers can use BST eltromat’s solutions in Industry 4.0 to gain even more complete quality information from web-processing production processes. In the plastics industry, for example, networked systems along the value chain — from layer thickness measurement in the film production through, e.g., the processing of films in print to the supply of roll-shaped packaging materials — create specific added value for customers: Each of these steps yields data that is needed for completing the relevant tasks.

Until now, this data was used as standalone information. It did not flow from one process step to the next. These communication barriers have now been overcome through a more extensive integration of the systems. Data gained in one process step can now flow into subsequent processes and therefore optimise them.

By integrating its specialists in the group-wide activities of BST eltromat International, the BST ProControl team can benefit from many forms of collaboration. It has also become more flexible.

“For our customers, this merger means that they can now communicate even more efficiently and more purposefully with our company. Your contact persons at BST ProControl are now seamlessly integrated into our company-wide processes and can respond more quickly to your concerns. Headquarters is handling many of the administrative tasks, for example. This allows the BST ProControl team to fully focus on its core competences, meaning that customers can be supported more efficiently than ever,” said Kristian Jünke, managing director for sales and service at BST eltromat International, who will be heading the BST ProControl business unit.