BOBST releases General K5000 vacuum metallizer Video Animation: Two processes, one machine

3BOBST has set up a new project intended to give people an insight into what happens inside of a vacuum metalliser. The result of this is the animated video – ‘BOBST General K5000: Two Processes, One Machine’ which provides something a simple video cannot – a glimpse into the heart of the machine.

The animation provides a 360-degree view of the machine and clearly demonstrates how easily the BOBST General K5000 metalliser can be used for two processes without compromise; for coating both aluminium and aluminium oxide (AlOx) on to a wide range of substrates with high productivity. In addition to the robust BOBST Aluminium evaporation source, production can be switched simply at the touch of a button to AlOx deposition for high barrier transparent films.

The BOBST General K5000 is specifically designed for the high output  film manufacturers end market; a well-established machine in the polymer film industry it metallises at speeds up to 1,000 metres/min utilising diameter rolls up to 1,200mm and widths of up to 4,850mm. The machine has several key features including:

  • Large diameter coating drum
  • Pump down times of less than 10 minutes
  • Instant changeover from Al to AlOx
  • Unique winding system
  • Eco mode – energy saving system
  • Low production cost
  • Suitable for the wide web market

To find out more about the features and benefits of the BOBST General K5000, watch our animation – BOBST General K5000: Two Processes, One Machine