BOBST presents new solutions for packaging

BOBST Competence 15‘Competence 15 – Inspiring Business Solutions’ brought together 300 packaging makers from around the globe at the BOBST Competence Centre in Mex, Switzerland.

Along with a host of machine launches from BOBST, Competence 15 also featured a parallel conference programme offering valuable perspectives on a number of business topics; these ranged from boosting business performance to the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing different sectors of the packaging industry.

Philippe Milliet, head of BOBST business unit sheet-fed, said: “Competence 15 was carefully designed to be different to a typical launch event. The idea of the ‘Inspiring Business Solutions’ theme was to showcase not only the latest BOBST developments, which are designed to help solve specific problems our customers face, but also to present them with ideas and perspectives that will help them tackle the challenges that will affect them over the coming years. These perspectives came from our own experts, as well as from brand owners and business thinkers.”

Held at the end of June, Competence 15 was a platform for the world unveiling of a number of new BOBST developments, including: Foil Unwinder +, a new foiling solution; VISIONCUT 106 LER, a new blank separating die-cutter; and EXPERTCODE, a new digital serialisation machine addressing the increasing needs of packaging makers worldwide for coding and customisation. The event also included the European debut of NOVACUT 106 ER, a blank separating die-cutter.

Emilio Corti, head of sales for the BOBST business unit sheet-fed, added: “The number of premières we presented at Competence 15 shows that we are maintaining our commitment to continuous innovation. Each new piece of equipment has been designed to help our customers worldwide improve their profitability in the increasingly competitive commercial landscape of the packaging manufacturing sector.

“On top of this, EXPERTCODE is the first of a new product line for us. It speaks directly to a need that our customers have expressed for technology which can help their brand owner customers, for example in pharmaceutical industries, track, trace and protect their products.”

Read more about the launched products.

Complimenting the products were a number of new product and finance solutions from BOBST partners, including Deutsche Leasing, Hunkeler, H.B. Fuller, Marbach GmbH, Henkel, Kurz, Hinderer+Mühlich GmbH, Lasertec, Baumerhhs, SGM and UEI Group. Formatted as a trade show within Competence 15, having access to these partners meant that visitors were able to get the latest information and exchange ideas with leading suppliers to the industry.