Blame the Corona Treater: The Truth About Watt Density, Dyne Level & Adhesion

When inks, coatings, adhesives and laminates don’t bond with substrates, converters are quick to blame the corona treater. And why shouldn’t they? Corona treaters are responsible for adhesion, right? Well, not exactly.

Enercon Industries Corporation has developed a new on demand webinar that tackles this topic head on. The presentation covers corona treating basics and dives deep into the relationships between watt density, dyne levels and adhesion.

Learn why measuring applied treatment in kW is not as accurate as measuring it in Watt Density. Discover why dyne levels don’t guarantee adhesion. And find out how to troubleshoot application issues with tips for identifying and remedying the most common application issues facing converters and extruders.

Converters have found this webinar very informing. Mr. James Etheridge of Platnum Press says, “This Webinar is excellent.” And Mr. Todd Marnocha of Inland Packaging appreciates the value of the content provided, “Thanks for a great webinar- very informative.”

Access to the video recording of the presentation also provides access to a copy of the slide deck, a surface treating handbook and a corona treater worksheet to record your application specifications along with a troubleshooting questionnaire.

To gain access to the presentation please use the link below to visit Enercon’s website or contact Enercon’s Mark Plantier at the address below to request a copy.

Mark Plantier +1 262 255-6070