Blade Series LED-UV curing solution at Labelexpo

A Baldwin Technology Company will showcase its LED-UV curing technologies for commercial flexographic printing applications at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe 2017, Brussels, Belgium, September 25-28.

The company will especially focus on its new Blade Series LED-UV curing module, which boasts a compact form factor and powerful optics that enable secure curing at high speeds. The Blade Series features segment control, as well as PWM control (pulse width modulation) to ensure steady intensity regardless of printing speed. It is water cooled for consistent UV output and can produce up to 50W/cm2 of curing intensity, due to Ultra class power based on new driver board technology.

“The blade series is the most compact, powerful LED-UV system on the market from the world’s leading provider of LED-UV curing solutions,” said AMS Spectral UV president, Steve Metcalf.

“Our all-new LED UV Blade technology provides affordable next-generation curing power through an innovative design that incorporates optics, addressable format control, and power into a compact package that can easily be fitted to a wide variety of digital or flexographic web and sheet curing applications in the label industry, where space can be a constraint. Power is expandable to 50 watts – a new milestone – and can be upgraded at any time as curing applications change and as new inks are brought to market.,” Metcalf concluded.

AMS Spectral UV also will showcase its X Series line of curing products at Labelexpo, including the industry-leading XP and XO Series LED-UV technologies, which are high-powered and can cure at varying distances from a substrate. Its XD Series features a slim form suitable for presses that require a low-profile curing solution.