Bischof + Klein invest in the future following anniversary

In the 125th year of its existence, the German family-owned company, Bischof + Klein, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Poland, is once again extending its capacities for manufacturing flexible packaging and technical films.

In recent years, B+K has invested around five million pounds in modernising and increasing the production capacity at its plant in Shropshire. “We are well positioned and want to further expand our position. Our British subsidiary is playing an important role in this,” said Gerd Sundermann, executive board member, B+K.

Sundermann considers B+K’s sustainable corporate policy to be the reason for the company’s unusually long success story. In 2014, B+K was awarded the German Federal Government’s CSR prize for its extensive commitment.

B+K, UK is one of the leading manufacturers of block bottom valve sacks, open mouth cross bottom sacks, PeelFlex, FFS films, films for automatic filling machines, films for lamination and LiquidFlex packaging solutions for liquids. The company serves the agriculture and horticulture, chemicals and petrochemical, construction and housing, hygiene, foodstuffs and pet food markets.

“B+K enjoys an outstanding reputation in the UK,” said Günter Eickholt, managing director of Bischof + Klein, UK. “We will continue to expand our position on the consumer packaging market on this basis.”