Bhojraj Industries Ltd confirms its trust in Bimec slitter rewinders

For the second time Bhojraj Industries Ltd choose Bimec as supplier of slitter rewinders. The Lagos-based company supplies flexible packaging to the food industry.

First established in the 1960’s (as Bhojsons Industries Ltd) the food packaging specialist is part of Bhojraj Chanrai Group (formerly Bhojsons Group of Companies) with other interest in West Africa. As a full-service provider, Bhojraj Industries offers film extrusion lamination, gravure printing, slitting and converting. A recent increase in demand for flexible packaging coincided with the need to upgrade its older printing equipment and improve on output.

To facilitate the transition, the company chose to partner with BIMEC and invest in its SECOND state of the art STM/60.2 BIMEC slitter to produce first class, added value, top quality packaging for big brands.

“Packaging printing in Nigeria, which is Africa’s largest market, is developing rapidly and we are determined to retain our position as a leading manufacturer with the best kit, gear and practices. And slitting quality, efficiency, accuracy and speed are a critical part of the whole process and take advantage of this opportunity and serve our customers with highest quality products,” explained Mahesh Sadhwani Chairman of Bhojraj Chanrai Group.

Bimec duplex slitter rewinder STM/60 can unwind mother rolls up to 1000 mm and rewind finished rolls up to 600 mm diameter; it can reach a maximum speed of 800 m/min. The strength of its structure and the material quality ensure high speed and good performance in rewinding. The machine is supplied with shaftless unwind, fast and easy slitting set-up, automatic and programmable tension controls both in unwinding and rewinding and with a touchscreen operator panel for data setting and visualization, recipe storage and diagnostic. The machine is equipped with all the necessary devices and automatisms to obtain perfect rewound rolls and help the operator to minimise downtimes during all the job cycles.

“We are incredibly happy to have a Bimec STM 60.2/C machine as this caters to all our needs, is very efficient, maintenance free and most importantly operator friendly. The speeds of 800mtrs/min give us the best and high-quality outputs. We are happy to have installed one machine already which is performing very well and soon an addition of one more machine. Needless to say, the service and support of Bimec team is par excellence,” said Vice President Mustafa Khokhawala.

“Choosing BIMEC as our supplier was an easy decision. Their commitment to innovation and excellent reputation in the industry is second to none, and they have a global presence that includes local service and support, so we know we are in good hands as we face the future of food packaging printing. I’m very pleased to welcome in this new era for Bhojraj Industries,” concluded Mr Sadhwani.

“We are very proud about the decision of Bhojraj Industries to reconfirm our company as supplier of slitter rewinders. Thanks to their investments they keep on growing in the Nigerian flexible packaging market. We hope that our partnership will continue throughtout next years” said Eng Davide Bottoli, Bimec CEO and managing director.