BCF unveils new video to promote the coatings industry

A snippet view of the BCF's coatings industry video
A snippet view of the BCF’s coatings industry video to target graduates

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) has unveiled a new video to help recruit the next generation of talent for the coatings industry.

‘A Future in Colour’ is a short video with a strong message – there are real career opportunities in the coatings industry for chemistry graduates, according to the company. The video was made in conjunction with CEPE, the European Coatings Association, and it sheds light on those career opportunities and provides an overview of the impact of the coatings industry on the UK economy.

Tom Bowtell, chief executive of the BCF, said of the video: “This is a great time for chemistry graduates to consider a career in our industry. We are noticing a shortage of paint and ink chemists in our field and are eager to recruit a new generation of talent. This video highlights the variety of exciting career opportunities that exist but may be overlooked in favour of more obvious career choices for chemistry graduates, which are often over-subscribed.”

The BCF is the sole trade association representing the UK paints, printing inks, powder coatings and wallcoverings manufacturers.