AVT recognizes Mexico-based packaging provider Folmex for outstanding partnership

AVT, one of the world leaders in print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance, has presented Mexico-based packaging manufacturer Folmex with a certificate of outstanding partnership.

The recognition comes amidst Folmex’s on-going contribution to AVT’s continued enhancement of its SpectraLab II in-line spectral measurement solution.

The latest version of AVT’s SpectraLab II offers in-line continuous colour measurements at high speeds, and shows colour results and trends throughout runs (such as L*a*b, Density, Delta E and tone value). Providing advanced colour workflow management and exemplary inline-to-offline measurement correlation, SpectraLab II features enhanced colour reporting capabilities, including real-time alerts to third-party reporting systems when colours shift out of tolerance. The system allows for connectivity to existing workflows and colour databases, and eliminates the need for press stops and manual measurements.

For designers of premium inspection and quality control solutions like AVT, live-scenario press time for product development can be as challenging to obtain as it is necessary. As quality assurance systems become more sophisticated, they inevitably have more features to hone, refine, and ultimately perfect. But press time production, of course, defines a manufacturer’s bottom line; considering this, Folmex’s partnership with AVT has been exemplary.

During the installation and development of AVT’s SpectraLab, Folmex played the role of a “rolling beta” partner – showcasing a progressive mind-set that for Folmex, has helped fuel steady growth and shape its admirable reputation. The family-owned business – which focuses on premium packaging solutions for consumer goods, including the baby care sector – is noted for its efficient, technology-driven production processes, including extrusion, printing and colour control practices. Its internationally known customers demand the highest quality in print accuracy and colour matching prowess.

At its production facility, Folmex equips many of its packaging lines with AVT’s Argus Turbo inspection system, as well as one with AVT’s Argus E Turbo. AVT’s Turbo series provides valuable benefits specifically suited to packaging production lines, including high-resolution inspection, unsurpassed workflow support and job verification. Though the family of solutions offers a variety of benefits, it is named for its exceptionally fast and accurate vision system; the Turbo series’ vision technology affords the highest-possible resolution at previously unattainable production speeds, resulting in best-in-class inspection quality with no quantity compromise or lost data. This level of precision is crucial in meeting Folmex’s stringent production standards.

Regarding the partnership with AVT, the operations director at Folmex said, “Working with AVT to help refine its colour-matching solution is in line with Folmex’s overall commitment to continuously upgrade production practices. We look forward to on-going teamwork, and will continue utilizing AVT’s premium inspection and quality control solutions.”

“Folmex and AVT are partners in the truest sense of the word; we make each other better through our combined efforts and expertise,” said Alan Then, general manager, Color Solutions. “We thank our friends at Folmex for their exemplary cooperation, and look forward to working with them for years to come.”