AVT announces agreement with X-Rite for certification of its SpectraLab II Color Measurement System

AVT has announced a licensing agreement with colour technology specialist X-Rite, a partnership that certifies that AVT’s SpectraLab II Color Measurement System is compliant with X-Rite’s XRGA Standard. Forward going, AVT will be offering an XRGA certification for its SpectraLab solutions.

Developed as an ISO-compliant metrology standard for the graphic arts industry, the XRGA standard utilises both advances in colour science and new international standards to reduce colour measurement discrepancies, and to optimise colour measurement across multivendor colour networks.

Working in a production environment with multiple departments or different sites, the problem of colour inconsistency is well known. Often, this inconsistency is a direct result of using different devices to monitor colour. SpectraLab II, which was introduced at drupa last year for the first time, is AVT’s latest generation of in-line spectral measurement for nearly any application – including various label substrates, paper, cartons, and transparent flexible packaging. The solution’s standardised design is widely compatible with typical industry devices, including X-Rite’s handheld monitoring instruments.

SpectraLab II offers in-line continuous colour measurements at high speeds, and shows colour results and trends throughout runs. Providing advanced colour workflow management and exemplary inline-to-offline measurement correlation, SpectraLab II features enhanced colour reporting capabilities including real-time alerts to third-party reporting systems when colours shift out of tolerance. The system allows for seamless connectivity to existing workflows and colour databases, and eliminates the need for press stops and manual measurements.

“X-Rite’s highly respected XRGA standard provides an invaluable third-party endorsement to printers considering AVT’s SpectraLab II advanced colour measurement system,” said Alan Then, general manager, Color Solutions. “Solutions that meet X-Rite’s rigorous requirements are rewarded with the prestige its XRGA Standard instantly communicates to customers.”

Chris Winczewski, VP product marketing for X-Rite, added: “As a market’s leading and most comprehensive colour management solutions provider, X-Rite is pleased to add AVT’s outstanding SpectraLab II solution to our recommended technology offerings.”