Avery Dennison offers service enhancements on durables materials

Avery Dennison DurablesThe Avery Dennison Durables portfolio for reliable labelling under extreme conditions has been upgraded with new service options across many materials. It means smaller inventories and lower costs for European label converters.

Marco Fermo, durables segment director, Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe, said that durables labelling can test any converter’s ability to deliver as promised: “We do everything possible to support converters with the technical challenges that come with durables labelling – backed up by our 80-year track record of innovation.

“Any projects require lower volume production runs, where service options can be critical. Our Fasson EXACT and Fasson Ready Width programmes are a first choice for many applications where precise widths or small order volumes are needed. Materials come directly from the manufacturer, for the shortest possible lead times.”

The Ready Width programme enables low-volume orders at standard widths and lengths, while the EXACT programme offers precise roll widths to match converters’ slit patterns – eliminating end wasted roll remainders and offcuts.

Both programmes supply rolls with a length of 1,000 linear metres, so converters benefit from being able to convert without having to splice shorter rolls. 16 products have now been made available under the EXACT programme, and 19 products under Ready Width. Avery Dennison estimates that nearly 80 per cent inventory reductions and up to 15 per cent cost savings are achievable.

Cees Schouten, Technical Director, Geostick Group commented: “Having the possibility to buy durables products at the exact width I need, and on a 1,000lm roll, enables me to produce more efficiently and improve my stock management.”

Headquartered in California, USA, Avery Dennison is one of the global leaders in labelling and packaging materials and solutions, with operations in more than 50 countries.