Avery Dennison introduces TrueCut adhesive technology for paper


Avery Dennison TrueCut technologyAvery Dennison has once again expanded its range of adhesive technologies, this time to include TrueCut – a new adhesive technology specifically for paper.

TrueCut technology enables major enhancements to conversion speed and adheres better on both cardboard and during low temperature applications. This results in a strong combination of benefits for converters who are looking for on-press performance and for end users requiring the broadest possible window of applications.

Jan Hart, global director, Paper & VI, said that label converters will immediately see the benefits of faster and easier operations: “The adhesive gives up to 100 per cent higher conversion speed compared with industry standards and can minimise or sometimes completely eliminate set up time between rolls. Other benefits include fewer web breaks and a shorter ‘time to stick’ (with a threefold improvement vs. an existing alternative). Consistent conversion performance for paper applications, and minimum press downtime, can make a very important difference to productivity.”

TrueCut technology can help to reduce production costs due to its stability on the press. Rolls can be changed quickly, with almost no adjustments needed when changed. This consistency and reliability is said to bring quantifiable savings and extra capacity at no additional cost. Gaps between labels can also be made smaller to generate less waste, and die lifetime is increased thanks to lower-pressure die-cutting.

Hart added: “The adhesive is compliant with European food regulation 1935/2004/EC as well as the German Recommendation (BfR) XIV, and can safely stand in direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuff. Paired with better adhesion at lower temperatures this innovation is very widely applicable in the food segment.”