Automated Waste and Dust Extraction Enhances Productivity

For modern high speed high quality print and converting machines to operate efficiently and provide a fast return on investment, efficient waste removal and effective dust control is essential.

Impact  work closely with all major manufacturers of modern high speed print and converting machines to ensure the waste is removed continually as it is produced and also all dust control measures are adhered too, ensuring high production rates of quality printed board.

Effective waste removal can prove a challenge and very often requires integrating low level belt or air conveyors beneath the stripping sections to deliver the production waste external to the machine where it can be more easily removed by a waste extraction system. Impact Air Systems have developed a very comprehensive range of waste handling equipment which combined with our innovative system designs, can be adapted to suit our customers specific  requirements. It takes pride in being able to offer very experienced engineers who have vast industry experience and find it second nature to liaise between customers and the machine manufacturers to provide very effective solutions.

With increasing demand on print quality, the requirement on reducing the concentration of airborne dust within the production area, also in-line with best practice techniques has never been more important. With most high speed machines using vacuum for board transfer, the integral fan units consequently discharge the air generated outboard of the machines which require removal by independent means. As this air will typically contain a concentration of dust, it requires removal by a dust control plant specifically designed with the correct air volume and pressure characteristics to ensure integration with the machine operation. All Impact dust control systems are compliant with the latest LEV, COSHH and ATEX legislation to meet health and safety requirements.

The problems waste trimre well known, having to stop the converting machine to take away the off cut material and transfer to a skip or alternative storage method for disposal causes costly and unnecessary downtime. The effect on production efficiency and quality can be equally as severe with dust control issues resulting in ‘hickeys’ on high quality runs as well as an unsuitable working environment.

The eventual outcome is that the modern high speed print and converting requirement for automatic waste and dust extraction is essential.

The main advantage of such a system is simply that the presses are no longer slowed down by the necessity of handling waste but the systems also reduce health, safety and fire risks and improve the working environment. Paper and cardboard packaging manufacturing creates a huge amount of dust, therefore using a pneumatic conveying solution will ensure dust and edge trim is removed from the press environment and transferred to compactors or balers for recycling without any operator involvement.

A tissue manufacturer, recently invested in a paper trim, paper dust and plastic edge trim extraction system at their site in North Wales. The installation serves five converting machines and a paper re-winder. The return is immediate with continuous operations and minimal system management due to the automated system.

Impact Air Systems have been installing systems that provide this efficiency for over 30 years at numerous sites in the UK and around the world. Impact has recently installed edge trim extraction systems and dust control systems at the UK sites of corrugated packaging producer Rigid Containers – situated at Desborough, Wellington and Selby.

Les Swanick, Site Director at Rigid’s Desborough site commented on the installation:

“An efficient off cut removal system is essential in a fast  turnaround production environment and to maintain our high manufacturing levels. The installation of the trim extraction systems caused minimal disruptions to our manufacturing site and we were pleased with the service we received. As one of the largest independent integrated corrugated manufacturers in the UK, reducing downtime is a necessary and vital part of our manufacturing strategy.”

Impact endeavour to support operators whose processes produce recyclable material, not only by extracting trim materials at source, but also by working with waste management companies to ensure the extracted resource is recycled or reused in a continuing drive to support the circular economy.


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