ASHE Converting Equipment – Demand for automatic duplex turret slitter rewinders

896-14ASHE Converting Equipment has been producing slitting and rewinding machinery for over 30 years, with an installation base of over 1000 machines worldwide.

Based in Ipswich, United Kingdom, the company have recently seen an increase in demand for their innovative Sapphire S2T automatic turret slitter rewinder.

The machine is based on the famous Sapphire S2 series, which features an all-electric operation. Ever since the inception of the Sapphire series, the machine has always been a clean operation, using proven electro mechanical parts to ensure the machine meets strict cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

Consistent, accurate and ease of use guiding is achieved by ASHE manufacturing its own digital guiding system, which can be serviced directly with ASHE throughout the machines life.

Materials are becoming more complex and sensitive which requires the slitting machine to be able to handle tension profiles accurately from the unwind roll through to the finished rewound rolls. ASHE developed a vacuum roller for their machines many years ago, which gives the operator maximum flexibility on unwind and rewind tensions, without any operator intervention or maintenance required.

The Sapphire S2T duplex turret has one of the shortest cycle times in the industry. With a driven layon system combined with a fully automatic cross cutting mechanism, the machines are able to handle a maximum cycle time (the moment the machine reaches it set length, turreting, cross cutting and starting a new cycle) of 30 seconds and below.

Offloading of the finished rolls can be achieved by a roll stripping device, which can unload the finished rolls onto many different types of unloading stands, ranging from fixed stations through to full robotics and conveying systems.

The machine also utilises a unique shaft supporting system, which supports the rewind shafts on both drive and non-drive side through the turret sequence, ensuring the shafts do not go through any undue stresses maximising accurate winding profiles and rewind shaft failures.

The company are currently building repeat orders of the Sapphire S2T from satisfied customers, 2 of which from the USA.

ASHE Converting Equipment has recently agreed a partnership with Parkland International to distribute their range of core cutting equipment through the ASHE sales and service networks positioned throughout the globe. This gives an added benefit to ASHE with an increased portfolio of machines they are able to supply, which complement their range of slitting and rewinding machines. Parkland International has an excellent reputation for quality and ease of use on their core cutting machinery and is a direct match for ASHE slitting and rewinding machinery.