Arctic Paper improves production performance with Greycon upgrade

Arctic Paper has contracted Greycon to upgrade to their system with Greycon’s latest scheduling and trim optimisation solutions, opt-Studio and X-Trim.

Greycon first implemented S-Plan and X-Trim at Arctic Paper’s paper mills based in Kostrzyn, Poland in 2002. Since then, Arctic Paper has been a long-standing client of Greycon.

Arctic Paper is the largest manufacturer of offset papers in Poland. The mill produces over 280,000 tonnes of high quality papers both in reels and sheets every year. More than 75 per cent of this is exported to countries like Germany, Great Britain, France and the Benelux.

Greycon’s solutions have been fundamental to the continued success of Arctic Paper’s production. The Greycon planning solution, tightly integrated with the Mill’s manufacturing execution systems, form a critical component in the daily management of Arctic Paper’s operation.

Esa Orola, global consultancy manager, Greycon, said, “We are really pleased with the results and project execution at Arctic Paper. The Kostrzyn team are able to improve their performance with our latest solutions. It has been really nice to witness. Arctic Paper wanted this project managed by Greycon and to work closely with the Greycon team to adopt the recommended best practices across the operation.”

The migration to opt-Studio and X-Trim’s latest releases has delivered additional benefits to Arctic Paper. There is improved usability and performance compared to the existing daily scheduling solution from Greycon, which kept the mill in operation 24/7. Incoming orders are automatically scheduled into runs and trimmed with market leading algorithms to minimise waste at the winder and cutter machines.

“One of the benefits we are really pleased with in the new Greycon solution is the enhanced functionality. There is quite a lot in there. One exceptional aspect worth mentioning is that the other departments did not even notice that the old system disappeared and a new one replaced it. This means of course that the integration was functioning very smoothly from day one. The implementation team were excellent and completed thorough tests to make this happen,” said Piotr Stolowski, planning and supply chain manager, Arctic Paper.