Antalis helps businesses ‘brand on demand’ with new Epson offer

As more small businesses seek the opportunity to develop their own branding and marketing materials, Antalis Packaging has introduced a range of on-demand label printers and accessories from Epson. This will enable customers to take their label production into their own hands.

With an onus on delivering high-speed and exceptional quality, the on-demand Epson technology can process up to 200 metres of label per minute, all without compromising the quality of print. Each of the ColorWorks printers within the range is user-friendly, easy to maintain and compact, fitting conveniently into production or packaging areas without taking up the carefully organised space that is required for a healthy and optimum despatch flow.

Another benefit of these printers is waste reduction. Printing the exact quantity of labels that is required reduces storage space for excess printed labels and any wastage due to out-of-date labels. This helps to not only reduce cost but lessen environmental impact.

This on-demand approach to labelling also offers an incredible level of flexibility. With PC-based, easy-to-use software, personalised promotional campaigns can be created at a moment’s notice: ideal when launching a new product, special discount or seasonal offer in a timely manner.

Aside from marketing collateral, the technology can also be used to print labels for auditing, quality, batch and inventory control as up-to-the-minute production information and data can be recorded and printed at a specific time. If businesses use contracted transport, they can also print the contractor’s data on bulk packaging and containers.

Scott Tuckey, product manager for Antalis Packaging, comments: “If small business owners want high quality labels, they usually have to outsource them to an external supplier, which means time delays and minimum order volumes resulting in an increased cost per label, storage expenses and high levels of wastage. Investing in an on-site, high definition label printer removes a whole layer of complexity, delay and cost.

“Independent businesses have long understood the power of marketing. The quality of your packaging and labels ultimately reflects the perceived quality of the items within. We’re supplying these Epson on-demand label printers to a range of industries and applications from beverage packaging and food processing and packing, to retail and e-retail. Whether you’re a chemical services company, an electricals supplier or a logistics provider, an on-demand labelling system will allow you to print small-run, high-quality labels which can be changed or amended in an instant.”

Antalis’ extensive product offer includes the ColorWorks C3500 and C7500 Epson on-demand label printers, as well as Epson ink cartridges and maintenance boxes for ultimate performance in print quality. Labelling stock can be ordered in reels for manual and automatic application.

The full range of papers and synthetic label materials are all Epson-approved and include BS 5609 standard grades for demanding applications. Printers range in price from £1,500 to £5,000 depending on your business requirement. A Label Rewinder and extended on-site service packages are also available for the Epson ColorWorks C7500 printer.