Another total work flow plate mounter installed

image1Eurograv Limited, Global Distributors for the Camis range of flexographic plate mounting and demounting systems, have reported the installation of a 3rd Camis plate mounter to a prominent independent flexographic printer in England.

The Camis selected was a 1700mm wide 6 camera, sleeve dedicated Irisleeve Total Work Flow Solution that semi automates the whole plate mounting process in assisting the operator to achieve higher levels of standardised applications and repeatability.

This Irisleeve is fitted with the 900mm wide Taper-Slide Tape Application System that applies the adhesive with a fixed pressure and consistent tension in order to remove any issues associated with the manual handling of the expensive double sided adhesive. The air bubble and stretch free application of the tape ensures a perfect base to achieve the ultra-high quality demands placed on flexography today. The systems lends itself particularly well to High Definition Flexo.

The user will also benefit from tighter TIR’s around the sleeve which also has a knock on effect of cutting down any time on the automated pressure setting systems of modern flexo presses.

image2Both Wide and multiple plates are positioned on a motorised plate positioning and application table, allowing for a perfectly flat presentation of the dots to the High Definition “Easy Tune” Camera system. The user has no need to switch between screens as each pair of the pre-angled cameras has a large Split Screen monitor to view and align the micro dots or register marks.

Once the plates are positioned, the operator then activates the plate application roller to perfectly apply the plates without skew, pulling the plates or air bubbles. This semi-automatic application applies the plate under its own tension which not increases rotational accuracy but ultimately print quality as well.

Sleeve change is also semi-automated as well. Opening the side guard retracts the mandrel support to allow for sleeve removal and insertion. Different press configurations and mandrel sizes are easily catered for through individually manufactured base carrier sleeves. In fact this particular Irisleeve is serving 3 distinct presses with 4 different mandrel configurations. Base carriers can be swapped in a “couple of minutes.”

The machine joins a Camis Iriflex for cylinders and sleeves and replaces a narrower 4 camera Irisleeve.

Multiple installations like this are not uncommon for Camis users. Last year a prominent folding carton company installed three Camis 1700 MMRM HD Irisleeve machines; whilst several clients in the North American market tripled their count of Camis supplied solutions. In Europe a leading flexographic printer of paper products installed a Camis DM/TS Demounter and Taper-Slide.

This DM/TS joins three other Camis machines, an Iriflex and 2 Irisleeve machines. The DM Demounter is available in widths up to 2100mm, for both sleeves and or cylinders, with or without the Taper-Slide (TS) tape Application System.

This DMTS system greater reduces plate damage by automating the removal of the plate progressively and gently without plate stretch or squashing and the removal of carpel tunnel and injury problems of the operator associated with the task of consistent removal of the plates and tape.

Once the plates and tape have been removed on the DM/TS users can then prepare the sleeve with the Taper Slide (TS) Tape applicator to ensure sleeves are ready to go to plate mounters fully taped up as required.

The correct and systematic application of the relevant science has to be adopted to be able to constantly improve the flexographic printing process so that it can compete technically with other processes. Eurograv’s believes its holistic approach throughout the plate mounting process allows the benefits of the latest tape & platemaking techniques to be realised on press and in the end product.

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