AmericaPack Summit 2020

The 6th AmericaPack Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers FMCG packaging executives and suppliers and solution providers an intimate environment for a focused discussion on how to win the battle for market and mind share through packaging.

The demand for change has become an omnipresent part of today’s fast-moving economy and modern society. The FMCG world is faced with complex and multifaceted challenges, in which packaging can either be the hero or the villain. Packaging experts are called upon to take leadership in the ticking pace of today’s demands, deliver innovative solutions while carefully balancing the compilation between all its components and the supply chain. The AmericaPack Summit brings together packaging leaders to usher in a new age of packaging.

Service Providers:

At the AmericaPack Summit you will conduct mutually selected and pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with interested buyers of your products and services. Prior to the event, you will receive exclusive access to the profiles of all delegates, allowing you to make educated meeting selections. Delegates are also requested to review the profiles of participating sponsors and select the ones that best fit their strategic and tactical needs. Employing a secure web-based scheduling system, selections are matched by order of priority and mutual interest.

To ensure that the summit’s delegation is of high relevancy for the attending sponsors, we methodically select and qualify potential participants. Each delegate completes an application, confirming their responsibility for the investment budget and providing details on:

  • Annual company revenue of minimum USD 500 million and over
  • Packaging budget of minimum USD 1 million and over
  • Sign-off authority on packaging decisions
  • Current and future outsourcing percentages for packaging projects
  • Packaging products and services of interest
  • Purchasing priorities for the next 6-18 months

Delegates will include senior executives from leading FMCG manufacturers with ultimate packaging decision-making power for:

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Development
  • R&D
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Procurement/Purchasing
  • Manufacturing

To enquire about becoming a service provider at AmericaPack, contact

The primary objective of the AmericaPack Summit is to explore the key aspects and issues related to packaging best practices and their application as business drivers for innovation and growth. The Summit’s program topics have been pinpointed and validated by senior executives from the packaging community as the top critical issues they face.

Key issues for 2020 include:

Stop Wasting Time: Achieving a circular economy throughout packaging’s life cycle to safeguard the environment and ensure a greener future for the next generations

The New-Age Pack: Capitalizing on disruptive technologies to meet new-age requirements for sustainability, usability, safety, cost efficiency and means of communication with the consumer

e-Pack Elevation: Innovating packaging designs to elevate the unboxing experience while optimizing the pack’s size and material to improve the ecommerce supply chain performance

How to Win Consumers & Influence People: Creating brand awareness through an omni-channel presence that both meets consumer needs and influences consumer behaviour

Thinking Outside the Box: Harnessing the potential of collaborative innovation to thrive in the complexity, speed and uncertainty of today’s global business environment

Walking the Line: Adjusting packaging to global legislative changes to meet international standards and use it as a tool for competitive advantage



Ynzo van Zanten, Choco Evangelist, Tony’s Chocolonely
Tom Szaky, CEO & Founder, Teracycle & Loop
Asit Modha, Head of Packaging, Amazon
Christopher Gavigan, Founder, Prima & Co-Founder, The Honest Company & Author
Moira Cullen, Former VP Global Creative Director, Method
Stephen Klump, Global Head of Packaging, Nestlé
Brad Farrell, SVP & Founding Member, Seed Phytonutrients / L’Oréal
Edmond Irizarry, Executive Director of Packaging Development, Aveda/Estee Lauder
Kevin Brong, Director of Packaging Innovation & Development, Newell Brands
Amy Lea Raglin, Packaging Director, JCPenny
Jose Molinar, Global Packaging Director, Colgate-Palmolive
Sneha Patel, Global E-Commerce Packaging Innovation Lead, Coty
David Dombrowski, Director Industrial Design & Innovation, GSK
Adam Louras, COO, Chief Formulator & Director of R&D , Iris Nova
Adam Schettle, Senior Director Global Packaging, Logitech
Michael Regn, Director – Packaging Design & Development, Allergan
Kate Melges, Senior Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace
Cimberly Weir, Assistant Director, MSU
Chip Tonkin, Director of Packaging Design, Clemson University

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