Amcor Flexibles launches alternative high-performance film

On 29 October Amcor was informed that INEOS Barex had decided to shut down its only production facility in Lima, Ohio (US) in early 2015. Amcor procurement and technical teams are working closely with the film converters to secure sufficient volumes of INEOS Barex resin prior to their shutdown. A commitment to build three years worth of stock is already in place. This stock will be subject to binding customer commitments given by the end of November with commercial conditions still to be established. Additionally, Amcor is working with the film converters to identify alternative or new sources of resin to enable a long-term supply of equivalent film.

“Ensuring global security of supply for our customers is Amcor’s key priority,” explains Colin Reed, global pharma marketing director at Amcor Flexibles Europe and Americas. “Due to the critical nature of pharmaceutical and medical applications it is our responsibility to make sure that business continuity is maintained. Our customers can be reassured that under these exceptional circumstances we will support them to secure a sustainable supply chain now and into the future.”

Amcor is sensitive to the critical nature of the applications that use Barex 210 film, in particular, the complexity of any requalification process.  For this reason, since 2012 Amcor has invested heavily to develop an alternative film targeted to have the same inert properties as Barex, improved extractable and sealing properties and which supports a more sustainable manufacturing process.

The industrialisation and customer trial process for this film has commenced and in addition to securing the current technical solution Amcor can offer an alternative that removes the dependency on a single manufacturing site. This film has already undergone favourable initial trials and the company will provide samples of both the film and laminates within the coming weeks and recommend that customers commence the qualification process with this film in addition to securing a supply of the Barex film. Amcor will contact its customers directly to support them with both activities to ensure with them the future sustainable supply of the optimum high-performance film for their applications.