Advanced Static Control Solutions for the widest range of applications

Neos_promo_pic_webFraser Anti-Static has been a pioneer of DC static neutralisation technology since 2004, when it launched the market-leading Ionstorm static controllers, followed by Jupiter (in 2009) and 3024 Bars (in 2012).

In 2015 Fraser is introducing NEOS static eliminators, which are an important advance in static control technology – providing manufacturing industries and OEMs with new levels of static neutralising efficiency.

NEOS static eliminators use intelligent feedback systems to boost their performance far beyond what can be achieved with a conventional fixed output bar.  They have a precision electric field measurement system which works through the emitters.  The measurement is able to detect electric fields present on the target material and at the same time reject ambient noise signals and local contamination through dirt.  Response time of the measurement system is as fast as 40 ms for the NEOS 12F.

The measurement signal automatically adjusts the ionisation balance and frequency to give optimal static neutralisation across a range of distances and static charge levels.  This effectively ‘closes the loop’ around the statically charged material and the NEOS bar.

NEOS-innovation-awardIn addition to monitoring the operational status and voltage supply of the static eliminator, NEOS` on-board computer measurement system also detects dirt and abnormal loading conditions.  This state is signaled both via the end-cap LED and through a dedicated remote signaling conductor within the 5-pin control cable suitable for interfacing with remote indicators and PLC systems.

There are three Bars in the NEOS range operating at 12, 20 and 30 kV – for high speed and long range applications.  The NEOS12F is the most powerful short range Bar available – able to cope with speeds in excess of 1500 m/min.  At the other end of the range, the NEOS30 can cope with distances in excess of 1 m.

All NEOS Bars can function in non-intelligent mode, like a conventional, albeit very powerful, static eliminator, if this is required.  NEOS Bars have tungsten emitters, which is the best material to cope with high level ionisation.  These emitters are replaceable in the 20 and 30 kV models.

Untitled-1So just to recap, the NEOS range are powerful, intelligent, compact, and versatile static eliminators.  With all these additional features, Fraser recognize that there is also a need for simplicity, which is why everything is incorporated into the product, with no dead ends or bulky casing. Clever engineering means there is no need for an external sensor or power supply, meaning only a 24V DC supply is required.