Access ebeam launches in Japan

ebeam Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of electron beam (ebeam or EB) solutions, is boosting EB innovation in Japan with the launch of its first research and development centre in Yokohama.

Known as an Atelier, the innovation centre is the latest in a growing list of ebeam Technologies’ Ateliers and Pilot Lines around the world, which are part of the company’s Access ebeam programme. The opening ceremony on February 9 was attended by the president of ebeam Technologies and the president of Yxlon, which along with ebeam Technologies, is part of The COMET Group.

Japan-based developers of solutions for print and packaging and the food industry can now benefit from a workshop environment designed by specialists, for specialists. The Atelier is fully equipped with an EBLab and offers a team of experts who are on hand to aid in the exploration of new possibilities in the field of print and packaging among other industries.

The EBLab essentially brings down the complexity of trials: It is standalone, compact, simple-to-use and lets you play with the parameters – everything you need is at your fingertips. Using an EBLab, innovation teams can explore frontiers opened by easy access to electron beam processing and develop and optimise new products and processes. Its sealed ebeam lamps allow for a maximum beam energy of 200 keV and transport speeds of 3–30 m/min, allowing doses of up to 450 kGy in a single pass. Samples may be as large as an A4 letter (216mm × 279mm) and up to 50mm thick. With nitrogen inerting, the oxygen concentration can be as low as 50 ppm allowing researchers the freedom to work with oxygen-sensitive chemistries.

“Our goal is to open up electron beam technology for everyone,” said Dr Michael Bielmann, director, Access ebeam. “Access ebeam is all about helping solution developers to accelerate their innovation journey by providing them with a location where they can explore possibilities, develop new materials and test product quality. Our existing centres in Flamatt, Davenport and Shanghai have hosted hundreds of trials since their various inaugurations, and the Atelier in Japan will help bring our vision of ‘ebeam idea today, test it tomorrow’ one step closer.”

The Japan Atelier is the most recent addition to the ebeam Technologies’ Ateliers, which are also located in Flamatt, Switzerland, Shelton, USA and Shanghai, China, as well as Davenport, Iowa, USA that also hosts a large Pilot Line for continuous trials on webs.