Absolutely the biggest

UK-based manufacturer of chamber doctor blades has manufactured four of the biggest chambers in its history for a German customer, Göpfert.

The woven carbon fibre doctoring system measures 5.640mmm and incorporates a 100mm section carbon fibre crossbar to complement the unit.

The installation of the four chambers was in a Jumbo post printer., The existing units were no longer fit for purpose, because the original coating had flaked off and the chambers were badly corroded.

This corrosion had also spread under the blade clamp, resulting in leakage and reduced blade life. These issues forced the customer to look for a solution that would resolve these issues permanently.

By upgrading to the Absolute system, Göpfert, an integrated corrugator manufacturer, confirms it experienced increased blade life, better ink returns and improved output due to reduced downtime as a result.

Antony Whiteside of Absolute Engineering says, “Carbon fibre is especially appropriate for the Jumbo chambers as the combination of lightweight construction and stiffness ensures that we don’t suffer from the sagging issues of aluminium or the vibration issues associated with stainless steel. We believe this is why more and more corrugated customers are selecting Absolute as their preferred supplier.”


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