Showcasing the latest innovations at 2017 Dairy Innovation Summit

Essentra, one of the leading global suppliers of consumer goods and healthcare packaging, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at this year’s Dairy Innovation Summit in Amsterdam, which takes place on April 5-6.

Speaking ahead of the event, global category coordinator for consumer packaging, Emma Williams said, “Against a backdrop of rising milk prices and increased investment from major players in the dairy industry, this year’s Summit is most timely. The Dairy Innovation Summit provides Essentra with a great opportunity to showcase our latest sack products to a global audience, given our commitment to providing tailored packaging solutions that maximise cost-efficiency, improve ease of access and ensure longevity”.

Essentra will be presenting its offering at the Summit, including its block bottom and double-fold bottom sacks. These are ideal for bulk dry goods, and can hold between 10kg-25kg of contents within a 1-4 multi-layered sack. The premium block bottom sack offers a barrier film that helps to extend the shelf life of the product, as well as creating a stand-up design, which improves storage and increases shelf presence.

Sacks incorporating Rippatape and anti-counterfeit measures will also be on display at this year’s event. Essentra’s integrated approach to packaging design and customisation has resulted in time saving conveniences for customers, such as the use of Rippatape which can be applied to the sack itself and improves ease of use.

The company can also incorporate its security and authentication features to sacks, to help combat illicit activity in the supply chain.