40 years of Inking Excellence!

Epost_0113, NOVA XLS uprightOn show at Drupa 2016 AkeBoose Graphic Products will display fully automated and cost efficient inking and doctoring systems for Flexo- and Gravure printing. New releases are the new Autoload system CSS 500, Pump & Washing system EPQ 600 and the HumidFlow® system designed for quick-drying waterborne inks.

AkeBoose Graphic Products celebrates 40 years as a provider of inking and doctoring systems for flexo- and gravure printing.  At Drupa, the truly asymmetrical and flexible NOVA XLS chamber system will be in focus for its Functionality, Simplicity and Cost Efficiency.  After 10 years it’s now well proven that an asymmetric chamber design, in combination with low pressure doctoring, is the best kept secret to achieve the highest possible productivity and economy in the printing house.

Epost_0135, NOVA XLS horizontalThe asymmetric NOVA XLS chamber in stainless steel, with optimized blade angles for both working- and sealing blade, eliminates problems with back doctoring and ink spitting. Together with the low pressure doctoring principle, where doctor blades and end-seals are not being used as bearings,
life of doctor blades are in general 2 – 3 times longer and problems like scoring of the screen roller have disappeared.

The mechanically locked position of the chamber also allows the use of thinner, less expensive doctor blades without lamella edge and the chamber system will consequently benefit from very low running expenses.

New developments at Drupa

The flexible NOVA  chamber platform can be customized for almost any flexo application and requirement.  

  1. New side bracket CSS 500 for Autoloading– including automatic blade wear compensation system
  2. Fully automated Pump & Washing system EPQ 600 – including PulseWash® cycles removing ink residue in the bottom of the chamber.
  3. HumidFlow® system against problems with quick drying waterborne inks for flexible packaging.

For more information please contact Anna Kull-Bööse at phone +46 8 544 819 31 or mobile +46 709 998 526. Email: anna.boose@akeboose.com

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