3D holographic effect makes debut at Belgian open house event

Scodix, one of the leading providers of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, recently announced the commercial availability of the Scodix Cast&Cure application.

Making 3D holographic effects more accessible to brands, the latest addition to Scodix’ portfolio of applications provides another differentiator for printers looking for a competitive edge. Now available with the Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press with Foil Station, Scodix offers nine different enhancement effects, more than any other digital enhancement system. Customers will be able to see the application demonstrated for the first time at an open house event at beta customer Drukkerij VD’s facility, Belgium, October 10, 2017.

Employing a variety of standard off-the-shelf holographic patterns, as well as customised designs, this technique delivers style and security features to brochures, packaging, displays, book covers, greeting cards, and bags. Scodix Cast&Cure creates a 3D holographic effect, bringing a new dimension, and value proposition, to customers’ print projects. Easy-to-operate with minimal setup, the effect is cost proficient for short to medium run lengths.

“This particular finish is causing a real buzz amongst brand owners and we expect it to be very popular in the greeting cards sector and in packaging. Specifically, we can see some scope in the authentication of products as counterfeiting becomes more and more of an issue for brands,” said Amit Shvartz, Scodix marketing VP. “The process works by ink jetting the clear polymer directly on to the sheet before passing through a foiling unit which leaves a micro-embossed pattern on the polymer, thus creating stunning holographic effects by refracting the light. Scodix PAS (pin activate secure) technologies deliver superior enhancement with ultra-fine detail and flawless registration.”

Shvartz added, “We are in the unique position at Scodix of being able to offer customers an unmatched number of digital enhancement applications. This latest addition demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation.”