180 year old family business invests £2 million into refurbing current site in Bootle

The Peter Marsh Group, established in 1837, is one of the oldest family run businesses remaining in Liverpool and is one of the leading manufacturers of paper sacks and corrugated boxes in the UK. The company has been based at the same site on Canal Street, Bootle, since 1861 and on June 4 will commence with a multi-million pound refurbishment. This will be the largest investment the company has undertaken in its 180 year long history and will help secure the future of the business for generations to come

The Group have over 70 employees mainly residing in the Merseyside area, with many being 3rd and 4th generation, and some even having worked for the company for over 40 years. Peter Marsh, CEO and the 6th generation of the Marsh family to work for the business said that “our workforce is our most important asset – they are key to our longstanding success in the packaging industry and with this investment, we will secure the future of the business and its workforce which will allow us to continue our growth”

Whilst investing in the future, the business will benefit from the understanding and cooperation of its long-standing and loyal customers and will continue to deliver a high quality service – it will be business as usual. Once the project is completed The Group will benefit from major efficiencies which will assist them in handling the ever increasing demands within the sector. With the worldwide movement to eliminate single use plastic products Peter Marsh Group has seen a dramatic rise in demand for environmentally friendly alternatives, such as paper and corrugated products, that are 100 per cent recyclable.