MLT introduces its ultra fast camera inspection system for controlling Laser perforations.

Micro Laser Technology Gmbh (MLT), a leading global provider of industrial Laser systems for the paper-and packaging industry, announces a new ultra fast camera inspection system for Laser perforation.

Within MLT’s Packaging Line, manifold solutions for laser processing in industrial environments are available. Adapted to actual customers’ needs these solutions are always improved and enhanced. As a result, the new MLT Laser Perforation Control offers state-of-the-art high-speed quality control for laser perforation processes – as used for modified atmosphere packaging, for example.
As well as functions like real time monitoring, diameter control, surface dimensions and long-term quality logging, it is possible to retrofit it into different existing systems.

In the largest available stage of expansion the system can be combined with each laser unit and head inside the existing machine to ensure a 100 per cent perforation lane control. Also a single system is available that can be placed mechanically at different positions above the web to inspect samples and support the operator during setup routines or regular application setups.
This camera system is one more module inside MLT’s Packaging Line. As well as the different laser units, system sizes, software and service solutions it offers even more process reliability and improvements for quality documentation.

MLT is exhibiting this year at the Interpack show in Düsseldorf (Hall 17-B40). More information is gladly available on request.

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