Finishing equipment from Grafisk Maskinfabrik

GM DC330FBThe GM DC330FB finishing line from Grafisk Maskinfabrik is designed for production of high quality wine and spirits labels. The combination of hot foil stamping, flatbed screen, conventional printing and semi-rotary die cutting makes it the perfect companion for a digital press.

The first module on the line is a flat bed hot stamp module. The module has a pressure of 30t. The servo drive system ensures equal pressure and impression time at all speeds. A built-in foilsaver minimises running costs. As standard the unit is fitted with a foil tower for cross and along web operation. The foil tower allows embossing and foiling to be processed in one step. Plates can be changed in the hot state due to a smart ‘slide-out’ plate loading design.

When raised varnish, Braille or decorative surfaces is needed – screen print is the key. The traditional flatbed design makes local tool (mesh) manufacturing possible. With a small in-house kit, new screens can be ready at short notice. This fits ideally with digital print and day-to-day delivery. The unit is equipped with a powerful air-cooled UV lamp with electronic power control from 20-200W/cm.

Flexo graphic varnish and cold foil

The optional flexo printing station provides flood varnish, spot varnish or UV glue for cold foil. The unit comes with a pack of 21 cylinders making it easy to fit every spot job. The foil tower can be used for UV lamination, super gloss and super matte effects as well. Curing is done with a 20-200W/cm air-cooled UV lamp. Having flexo varnish is a must for proper scratch protection of digitally printed labels.

Semi-rotary die cutter

The die cutting station is digitally and servo driven. As standard a 25-inch cylinder is included offering a cutting range of two to 22-inch. The system has a built-in dispro feature that allows plates from existing machines to be reused on the GM unit. Cutting depth can be set via an optional K&B Gapmaser unit. The die cutter can operate in semi-rotary or full rotary mode.

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