GSE Dispensing’s integrated ink logistics provides solution for repeatable colour quality on demand at Labelexpo Europe 2015

4GSE Dispensing (booth 7D59) is a supplier of tailored ink logistics solutions that eliminate waste, enable repeatable colour on demand and reduce setup times in the label and package printing workflow. These comprise dispensing systems for spot and process colours, table-top off-line proofing systems and integrated ink management software.

Colorsat dispensing programme enables ‘colour on demand’

GSE’s Colorsat range of modular dispensing systems mix and dispense inks, to precise quality and quantity specifications, in minutes. Benefits are reduced setup times, ink-yield improvements of over 30% thanks to easy re-use of press-return inks, a cleaner colour mixing environment and better stock management.

The dispensers cater for the full range of ink sets and volumes commonly required in flexo, gravure and screen package printing. For label-printing applications, the company offers two automatic systems that dispense spot colours in 1kg – 5kg volumes and vary in the way they store the base inks.

The Colorsat Switch dispenser, for aqueous, UV-curable and solvent inks, features a dispensing unit and a control cabinet connected to a maximum of 20 exchangeable buckets of max. 25 kg, stored by modular waterfall frames. It is also possible to connect high-volume components to the dispenser (e.g. 200-litre barrels or 1,000-litre containers).

The Colorsat Match dispenser prepares aqueous and UV-curable inks, from a maximum of 20 base components. The Match has a small footprint and is equipped with fixed, refillable storage tanks as standard: ten with a 20-litre capacity and a further two with a 40-litre capacity. Optionally, the system can be extended with extra internal 20-litre tanks, external barrels or containers for high-volume components. A bubble mixer in the ink tanks maintains uniform flow rate and viscosity levels, and an automatic wet – dry cleaning unit assures easy maintenance and changeovers.

Furthermore, GSE’s Colorsat Solo offers an accurate and efficient way of supplying process colours, base ingredients and coatings to the flexo or screen printing press. It is suited for packaging and graphics applications, and is compatible with UV-curable, aqueous and solvent ink types.

Ink Management Software

All dispensing units use GSE’s Ink Management Software (IMS™), a user-friendly production management tool that can be integrated with the packaging converter’s chosen colour formulation software. IMS enables the operator to view recipe data and ink costings related to each job, store new colour specifications and re-use return inks in new jobs. The software also facilitates ingredient tracking through the supply chain, by storing batch data about every job.   

Time-saving offline proofing

At the stand, the GSE-associated company Print Proof Solutions will also highlight its Perfect Proofer. This 20kg table-top wet-proofing system measures the ink’s colour and density at the same dot gain as experienced on the press. This perfect simulation is possible because it uses, in miniature, the exact plate material, anilox cell counts and substrate. As a result there is no need for fingerprinting or colour adjustments on the target press. Offline proofing with the Perfect Proofer thus reduces start-up waste and colour preparation time.

Maarten Hummelen, marketing director of GSE Dispensing, commented, “As design lifecycles become shorter and limited edition promotional messages more frequent, short lead-times can be challenging to deliver. GSE Dispensing’s ink logistics equipment and software presents a way of improving flexibility, achieving repeatable colour quality on demand and extending the productivity of the press without the need for significant capital investments.”