11 layer co-extrusion technology for flexible thermoforming films

UNI Packaging, has teamed up with VF Verpackungen, to roll out their AMILEN 11 layer film range to the UK market. The move sees UNI Packaging becoming the exclusive distributor of the German producer’s ground breaking cast co-extrusion technology for flexible thermoforming top-web and base-web films.

Offering up to 20 per cent material thickness down gauging, the AMILEN 11 layer film range can provide a reduction in both costs and packaging waste when compared to standard 3, 5 or 7 layer films. Available in thickness range of 50 – 350μm, combinations of PA, PP, PE and EVOH are used to produce films for standard thermoforming, vacuum or modified atmosphere packing. Options for extended shelf life, cooking, pasteurisation and sterilisation (including gamma irradiation) are available.

Other key benefits include excellent lay-flat properties (no curling), enhanced forming properties, sealing through contamination, superb transparency and gloss, high puncture resistance and gas barriers. The 11 layer film ranges are ideal for thermoforming many food products in the meat, dairy, seafood, bakery, vegetable and pet-food sectors; they are also suitable for industrial and medical thermoforming applications.

“We are very excited to be working with VF Verpackungen in promoting their 11 layer technology in the UK. Not only will the range provide flexible thermoformers with reduced packaging costs, they will also benefit from the superior quality of product that VF Verpackungen are renowned for,” said UNI Packaging’s Rod Entwistle. “Buyers should visit our dedicated AMILEN 11 layer website at www.uni-packaging.com/vf to find out more.”

UNI Packaging’s UK operation includes a well invested manufacturing facility in St Helens, Lancs, together with a sales office based in Edinburgh.

As a group, UNI Packaging also operates from another seven production sites across France and Austria, providing a full range of flexible packaging solutions including: Gravure, flexographic and digital printing through their Digiflex® offering, vacuum pouch and stand-up pouch manufacture, lamination, laser scoring, co-extrusion and logistics.

All the UNI Packaging and VF production sites are BRC Accredited.

For more information contact UNI Packaging UK on 01875 616920, email sales@uniuk.co.uk or visit www.uniuk.co.uk.